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RC Measures Workgroup Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Wall
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Amy Wall
Today’s materials are posted on the DDS website at: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiative/stakeholder-events/
Amy Wall
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Amy Wall
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Marty Omoto
Good question from someone in the Q and A: oes the NCI go out to people with no purchase of service?
Marty Omoto
Meant to write out word "Does...."(came out as "oes")
Amy Wall
@Marty, Pete shared that the NCI surveys do NOT go to people with no purchase of service
Marty Omoto
Good point Mary Lou - measures we come up with should exceed the federal standards - which underscore the need for us to work together to find ways to measure people not receiving services (unmet need) and people shut out of the system entirely (which may be correct determinations of eligibility or may be incorrect determination - meaning that person should be eligible). We need to measure people shut out for whatever reasons that can be an important indicator on equity on inclusion, etc. So appreciate Nancy B for acknowledging that need - and we together really need to come up with credible ways to measure it in ways that are person centered and touch those not being served, or shut out of the system entirely.
Marty Omoto
Thanks Nancy and Mary Lou for acknowledging this need of measuring and monitoring those people not receiving services (no pos) including people who feel they should be eligible but for whatever reasons were deemed ineligible. That goes to heart of disparities, equity, inclusion (in addition to measuring those who do get services).
Marty Omoto
Someone asked in the Q and A if any of this discussion applies to people in Early Start or in need of Early Start. Can we answer that so everyone can hear? Thanks
Marty Omoto
Also I want to add to that question about Early Start to also ask how this discussion includes the thousands of people who would be impacted by the provisional eligibility for Lanterman (ages 3-4)?
Amy Wall
Here's the document Mary Lou is referencing: https://www.dds.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/RCM_Handouts_12162021.pdf
Eva Casas Sarmiento
Want to add that I see missing an important measure on speedy and fair resolution of disagreements. %age of people reporting excessive delays in getting final decisions on services they request. Many families of color report IPP planning process can take months for them to get a final decision; reasons for decisions continually change. No clear criteria for approving services.
Amy Wall
@Eva, thank you for pointing that item out, we will go back to the notes & revise the summary accordingly
Diana Pastora Carson
Guidance memo on PCP that Joyce measured: https://acl.gov/sites/default/files/programs/2017-03/2402-a-Guidance.pdf
Diana Pastora Carson
Marty Omoto
The point raised on timely response and/or resolution is really critical - especially for the people and families in Early Start, the ages 3-4 group and those people and families in crisis.
Diana Pastora Carson
Eva, Agreed! It is denial by delay.
Diana Pastora Carson
And collaboration with contracted agencies as well
Marty Omoto
The other guiding principle of the California Health and Human Services (CalHHS) agency - and one I have advocated for is looking at the "whole person" (or "whole child" or "whole family") - and somehow these measurements need to include that responsibility. In other words it may not be a need attributable to the RC but if a person is facing, for example, food insecurity or loss of a home or facing eviction or unmet response in a behavioral health or mental health crisis a person/family is facing - what is the responsibility of the RC to that and how is that measured (meaning a measurement that requires looking at the whole person)
Marty Omoto
BTW I think we need to incentivize innovation by the RC - that encourages that, especially innovation in working with providers and families and individuals to solve a problem or meet an unmet need or address inequity. That in turn incentives working together (good example is Community Vocational Services in Fresno with CVRC)
Joyce McNair
Great comment, Marty!
Diana Pastora Carson
Yes, Rick!
Marty Omoto
Agree with Rick - this is about the "whole person" and responsibility needs to include that - which means do what is needed so a person gets the generic service . Needs to measured - and also agree with Mark's point that we have to make sure these measurements don't end up being just a bucket check list. Each measurement (and those in quality incentives) need to lead to something - meaning that there are steps to help meet measurements when a measure is not met.
Marty Omoto
Wanted to make sure people saw questions raised by David Mulvey - and also Jacquie Dillard Foss on the need of values need to be the primary driver of the outcomes. Her comment was "Values need to be the primary driver of the outcomes, if we are not cautious we focus on the data that could be the driver. What are the values we want as a system? How do we know a person is able to express their chosen ways of life? How do we make sure that a person has the breadth of life experiences to know what their choices truly are? If you do not know what is available to oyu then how are you truly making an informed decision? . If we truly are person centered then that has to be the core driver. The IPP is my its essence a bureaucratic document, how do we shift that ?".
Marty Omoto
I know we will talk about this later but we need to make sure we remember constantly that to meet measurements here (and quality incentives) there need to be sufficient resources/funding - and the absence of that or reduction is going to impact all of those things (including ability toward equity). How will that factor in these measurements and also quality incentives? Resources and funding are huge factors