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DS Task Force Monthly Check-In Update Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Pablo Velez
Happy New Year to all of you!! Nancy thanks for helping all of us navigate 2020!!!
Caroline Castaneda
Para interpretación en español: haga clic en el globo blanco en la parte inferior de la pantalla con la etiqueta "Interpretation." Luego haga clic en “Spanish” y seleccione "Mute original audio.”
Amy Wall
Materials for today's meeting are available online here: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/#dstaskforce-membership
Kathy Sanders Platnick
Are others missing the Raise Hand feature? Don’t see it in the panelists box.
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
It’s next to Share Screen
Kathy Sanders Platnick
Aha. Thanks!
Caroline Castaneda
Los materiales para la reunión de hoy se encuentran aquí: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/#dstaskforce-membership
Kathy Sanders Platnick
Thank you to the team for adding RC family members to the health care workers category. It is very appreciated!!
Marty Omoto
Nancy - can you please mention and provide clarification of what is included (and what is not) regarding recent DS Directive authorizing overtime hours for Participant Directed Services Respite related to COVID? Also the reent directive on OT rates for SLS due to COVID-19. Thanks
Nancy Bargmann, DDS
Thank you Marty - yes, will include.
Caroline Castaneda
From Me to Everyone: 02:02 PMPara interpretación en español: haga clic en el globo blanco en la parte inferior de la pantalla con la etiqueta "Interpretation." Luego haga clic en “Spanish” y seleccione "Mute original audio.”
Caroline Castaneda
Los materiales para la reunión de hoy se encuentran aquí: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/#dstaskforce-membership
Elizabeth Gomez
I appreciate the request for clarification of the directive. Thank you Marty for bringing this up.
Shella Comin-DuMong
Thank you Jim Knight for clarifying that moves into temporary shelter is allowable to protect people with COVID as well as people from COVID.
Kathy Sanders Platnick
I just want to express appreciation for the work that went into getting such a positive result on the budget!!
Tiffany Whiten
Thank you Nancy and DDS team for the thoughtfulness put into the January budget. We look forward to the future conversations related to the rate study implementation.
Caroline Castaneda
Rubi Saldana 02:27 PM My comment is supporting what Marivel Ahumada said, the directives are not being implemented !! The community needs to get access to this directive to guarantee the health of the clients and having a single provider.
Caroline Castaneda
Rubi Saldana 02:30 PM We can make thousands of plans but it is useless if it is not implemented, the IDD community is being seriously impacted by the pandemic LA times is reporting that one in three people are infected with COVID the Hispanic community is not reporting all the cases because they are too sick to send an email and those who recover cannot be paid retroactive services.
Lisa Gonzales
Yes the needs in mental health are enormous, there are several deaf therapist that offer services virtually but our regional center does not have a contract with them. It would be nice if DDS took the lead and offered a statewide contract to increase standard practices on a state level for all regional services.
Gabriella Ohmstede, SDRC
May I respectfully ask that we stay on topic and that people hold their comments for later in the agenda when its on topic? - there are many items still on the agenda and we are 40 minutes into a 1 hour meeting. Thank you!
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
I’d like to see SDP included in the independent evaluation within the RFP that’s forthcoming.
Katie Hornberger
Does puppy have a name yet?
Shella Comin-DuMong
Nancy, can you address whether DDS is tracking COVID (infection and death) by disability?
Amy Wall
Hi Katie - Puppy's name is KoKo
Aaron Carruthers
Shella great question, the public information doesn't include a breakdown by disability. here's the latest: https://www.dds.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/DDS_COVID-19_demographics-and-residence_01052021.pdf
Marty Omoto
Nancy - can you mention again how this very important data is being reported - and are these numbers reported to CA Dept of Public Health and incorporated with the data they maintain regarding COVID?
Aaron Carruthers
Marty, CDPH includes disability in its surveillance through public health, though they may also receive this information too
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
We have lots of questions about getting the vaccine to self advocates earlier
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
Thank you for the opportunity for parents to get access to vaccine now.
Kathy Sanders Platnick
I echo Kelly’s comment. Do we have any insight as to when self advocates will be eligible. And any ideas about special sites that can handle a population that is likely to have serious problems with getting a shot?
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
How should unpaid in-home supportive health care workers be proving their roles in order to both make an appointment and “qualifying” for the vaccination at the site?
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
Thank you for this priority list!
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
I wish it included self-advocates :)
Kathy Sanders Platnick
Kelly, we took an IHSS pay stub and that was readily accepted. Otherwise, you just check the box as a healthcare worker.
Kathy Sanders Platnick
My friends got vaccinated yesterday and just took a copy of the DDS letter and a copy of their son’s IPP.
Pablo Velez
Where is the letter?
Amy Wall
Here's the link: https://www.dds.ca.gov/corona-virus-information-and-resources/vaccine-testing/
Shella Comin-DuMong
Take DDS's letter to the vaccination site.
Amy Wall
The letters are under the "Vaccine & Testing" tab/photo
Amy Wall
if you're just on the coronavirus page
Pablo Velez
Thanks for the link!!! Great!!
Shella Comin-DuMong
Is there an updated time line on when people who receive regional center services can get vaccinated themselves?
Janelle Lewis
Nancy mentioned collecting data and tracking who is being vaccinated. How do medical privacy rights factor in regarding that data/tracking? Thank you.
Kathy Sanders Platnick
Koko is very cute!
Shella Comin-DuMong
Thanks Marty for getting the info out quickly!
Kathy Sanders Platnick
To reiterate earlier comment, any chance we can get special sites for a population that won’t take well to getting a shot?
Lisa Gonzales
Yes, I vote Koko comes to our in-person meetings when it is safe to do so as a honorary taskforce greeter!
Caroline Castaneda
Elena Bautista 03:20 PM I continue to have problems with westside regional center. Despite knowing that there are many needs the coordinators continue to block services and now they send me to appeals.Elena Bautista 03:24 PM Respite hours, covid hours and also ESY hours at the moment with 3 children with special needs and a pandemic they send me to hearing.?
Debbie Keller
What type of tests? nasal or mouth?
Kimberly Mills
This is awesome for our community.
Caroline Castaneda
Rubi Saldana 03:27 PMI'm very sorry - yesterday by accident I shared my link in a meeting and now there are several Rubi on, I am the RS with my photo, sorry for the misunderstanding
Caroline Castaneda
Rubi Saldana 03:31 PMI'm not sure if you see my photo but there are several comments that are not mine excuse the confusion, I shared the link by accident Once again I am very sorry for the confusion and misunderstanding.
Amy Wall
Email: DSTaskForce@dds.ca.gov
Marty Omoto
Thanks everyone - have a safe and happy weekend including Nancy's dog Koko (also known as "Little Victor"