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DS Task Force Budget Briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
Shannon Cogan
Thanks for promoting me!
Amy Wall
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Amy Wall
La presentación de hoy se publicará en el sitio web del DDS en: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/
Amy Wall
¿Comentarios? ¿Preguntas? Mande su correo electrónico a DSTaskForce@dds.ca.gov
Marty Omoto
American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) - federal COVID relief bill that Congress passed and President signed into law
Amy Wall
Today’s materials are posted on the DDS website at: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
I love that data! Thank you!
Marty Omoto
Coordinated Family Support Services gas great potential to help people and families - really is also one of many needed housing solutions. Has great potential in helping people with their housing and maintain services (such as supported living services) where the parent(s) or guardian lives in the same home. DDS needs to really underscore this as a positive steps in helping with the housing crisis. Tied to this is getting DDS to provide clarification on how an adult with developmental disabilities ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) would be eligible for supported living services (if deemed the person needs it) - that the ADU is not the same dwelling that under state law would prohibit accessing SLS (the reverse would also be true if the parent or guardian lives in the ADU and their adult child with developmental disabilities lives in the main home. Thanks
Shella Comin-DuMong
Good points Marty. Having had the opportunity to work with many families in need of the Coordinated Family Supports - and recently - this program does have the potential to substantially help as well as protect health and safety. Excited to see how this rolls out formally.
Marty Omoto
Thanks from all of us for the tremendous work of Vicky Lovell - and how she worked with all of us with such kindness, competence and credibility. We are all going to miss her as a person - also miss her as part of the DDS team - but her work that she did will always be valued and have an impact.
Yvette Baptiste
Where is the TBL for Workforce Stability again?
Pablo Velez
Hi Vicky: Thanks for working with all of us looking at the science and numbers to make the best suggestion based on evidence. As Marty mentions, your will be missed and your work has guided all our work! Good luck in future endeavors!
Marty Omoto
Trailer bill for DDS budget stuff is in SB 188 - PDF document on leginfo website: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billPdf.xhtml?bill_id=202120220SB188&version=20210SB18896CHP and HTML version https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=202120220SB188
Yvette Baptiste
From the Early Start world, we really have appreciated the work Vicky has done to support those who work to engage communities and families by providing the data to tell the story of how the system works. Thank you from FRCNCA and all the FRCs statewide.
Caroline Castaneda
Hi Yvette, TBL for DDS is contained in SB 188.
Shella Comin-DuMong
OOps! Nancy frozen
Marty Omoto
Really support the pilot of developing, continuing or providing remote supports and services (in addition to existing or new in-person services) - we are using it and love this option. It can really - if done right (as Community Vocational Services in Fresno does) provide a person centered service and expand where and when a person can access a service or support. We need to make sure tho that people who are providers who are providing that service are getting compensated fairly and not paid less than an in person service that is similar. Remote services can and does expand options if done right. So glad that DDS is doing this!
Yvette Baptiste
As an early interventionist and psychologist this is so common in communities of color that children have big differences in their communication skills (receptive and expressive), but due to diagnostic overshadowing and bias largely ignored as an indication of an issue.
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
News to share with friends working with Somali families: https://www.mprnews.org/story/2022/06/07/it-means-everything-somali-community-creates-word-for-autism
Marty Omoto
New office of ombudsperson - good potential depending on implementation, training and how oversight is tied to person centered outcomes. How and when will this be up and running?
Victor Lira
Agree with Marty on the remote services piece. Depending on the desire of the person being served, this is a great tool!
Shella Comin-DuMong
and Nancy, what about the 4418.7 requests?
Yvette Baptiste
Nancy and Carla this issue came up at the RC level from families and family advocates with the FRC system last week. They wanted to know what was quality assurance like at the RC level. It seems inadequate, but I don't think there is consistency across RCs for resource development versus quality assurance. I remember that it used to be that each RC had 1 person in their funding formula. Has this change?
Yvette Baptiste
Parents also had a question about the STAR program. It seems like a great prevention program. Can we have an update on how that program implementation is going? What do we see as expansion opportunity?
Marty Omoto
ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit - on same property and address as the main house). BTW Vicky Smith is a really great person to make the Coordinated Family Support Services pilot work in a person centered way that is tied to person centered outcomes!
Yvette Baptiste
I'm sorry I misspoke I meant START!
Caroline Castaneda
There are currently 15 RCs with START programs, of those 7 are currently in operation and 8 are opening soon
Caroline Castaneda
Hay al corriente 15 centros regionals con programa START, de esos, 7 en operacion y 8 que van a abrir
Pete Cervinka, DDS
@Marty Omoto--we are going through the CalHR process to establish the leadership position for the Ombudsperson Office, and have second-round interviews next week for a couple analysts to begin to build the team too. Progress, and excited to establish this Office!
Carla Castañeda
Total caseload is projected to be 400,485 in 2022-23 (active and early start).
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
Even when we can use SDP to be creative with staff, it's a huge crisis.
Rene Rodriguez
the housing and job
Yvette Baptiste
Families have an expectation but when they find out about the issue of core staffing they are not happy. I wish I didn't have to tell them. I think it needs to be more uniformed. Different RC doing what Michi says but some are not and it leads to lack of support for QA in the community. Take a look at financial abuse and other abuse issues data as it relates to QA. Would be interesting data pull....to impact changes needed
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
And how the funds can be used…
Yvette Baptiste
I am also available to support with any work you will be doing with DHCS as ELAFRC is with Family Voices of CA who provides Family to Family health information center funding by the feds. CA gets the same $ as Rhode Island. So we are limited in what we can do, but we just keep plugging away with DHCS to understand family support/navigation needs, especially for families like the Rubin.
Marty Omoto
I think Debbie Weschsler in the QandA makes a good point on SLS and how aging parents are coping with supports - also Lourdes Gomez is raising important questions and comments on the bridge between mental health and developmental disabilities and related issues. Hopefully we can provide answers or next steps to them and us
Marty Omoto
Suzan raised a good question on Early Start and remote services (if not answer here it should be answered tomorrow during Day 2 of the Early Start Interagency Coordinating Council meeting.
Yvette Baptiste
At the ICC Child and Family workgroup there was an extensive discussion of "COVID Trauma" for young children. Kids who are 3-5 are experiencing increased behavioral difficulties. We will be asking for a training on this there.
Marty Omoto
The expansion of Early Start eligibility is tremendous - agree with what Pablo is saying Also support what Sylvia Yeh said regarding people who are workers and help is needed
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
@Yvette My five-year old is in that COVID trauma group. I think 2022-23 will be our year of getting our spark and joy back.
Marty Omoto
$300 billion budget - that is a lot of dollars to keep track of....LOL
Yvette Baptiste
I hope so @kelly!
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
I'm surprised at how differently RCs are adding the rate increases into SDP budgets. Some are adding the funds without hesitation, and others are not. Thoughts?
Marty Omoto
Thanks to the interpreters and DDS team for this meeting
Victor Lira
Thank you everyone on the panel and at DDS!
Sylvia Yeh
Thank you, Nancy and your team. Hope we can meet at least quarterly
Pete Cervinka, DDS