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Quality Incentives Workgroup Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Wall
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Amy Wall
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Amy Wall
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Amy Wall
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Amy Wall
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Sheri Rosen
Did the ARFPSHN programs also qualify for the $8000 incentive payment for participating in the Workforce Survey?
Pete Cervinka, DDS
@Sheri: please see the survey page and its FAQ for details about agency eligibility: https://www.dds.ca.gov/rc/vendor-provider/dsp-workforce-survey/
Tania Morawiec (Mor-ah-a wic)
thank you for the link to interest/preference. An important reinforcer for individualization
Tania Morawiec (Mor-ah-a wic)
the 14-c incentive is wonderful-lined to legislation but is it also tied to above 4 people placed? why 4?
Tania Morawiec (Mor-ah-a wic)
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Alona Yorkshire
Tania, is there a link?
Alona Yorkshire
Alona Yorkshire
Found it!
Alona Yorkshire
Thank you!
Sheri Rosen
Only some regional centers provide an increased rate for early intervention services that are bilingual. Shouldn't there be a bilingual rate in all regional centers?
Sheri Rosen
Other then the Workforce Survey which all agencies could participate in, what is the percentage of programs that will be able to receive additional incentives through the measures that will roll out this year?
Tania Morawiec (Mor-ah-a wic)
some retention programs create career laddering to support retention via advancement opportunities-is there any pathway option linked to concurrent initiatives? Ex-DSP moving into an employment specialist position that might pay more and demands an expanded skill set? This also helps establish cross-training tied employment supports that do apply to residential and ADL services
Mike Pereira
Thank you for the Desired Outcomes for Workforce Capacity- certainly it is aligned with components of the HCBS Staff Stability Survey that some providers were able to complete, which gives a baseline of sorts for those measures. That said, and it has been shared in this workgroup and other discussions is whether Turnover Rate and Retention Rate are the best or most appropriate measures of Program Quality... certainly Participant Satisfaction is a (one) measure that could better equate quality of service- just because a person stays with an organization longer, doesn't necessarily mean that they are a "quality" staff... and also- there are legitimate reasons for staff turnover. Turnover rate isn't necessarily a like for like barometer for quality service
Pete Cervinka, DDS
Thanks Mike. We agree. This is a start to iterate from, based upon some baseline info.
Mark Melanson
Additional information on Person-Centered, Advocacy, Vision and Education (PAVE) Can be found on our website under the PAVE tab Here: https://www.ccln.org/
Nancy Bargmann
Thank you all for your participation... great work, great initial steps moving forward. Looking forward to our continued work.