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Partnership in Person-Centered Planning - Shared screen with speaker view
Mario Ibarra
Mario Ibarra IRI here
lynell messineo
thank you being here and good morning, will you be sending a copy of this information to our email ?
Lynn Galliano
I have a huge echo - is anyone else having audio problems
Levi Brown
Hi, I am here and I can see the interpreter
lynell messineo
audeio reall good
DDS, Susan Crow
Para seleccionar la interpretación en español, presione la imagen del globo que se encuentra en su barra de control y seleccione "Interpretación en español".To access Spanish interpretation, please click on the globe icon in your control bar and select "Spanish Interpretation"
lynell messineo
audio very good
DDS, Susan Crow
All attendees are on mute with no video- you can see us but we cannot see you! :)
Lourdes Gomez
Hola muchas gracias por hacer esta informacion disponible en Español. thank you for the Spanish translation
DDS, Susan Crow
Here is the DDS website with past trainings: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/cms-hcbs-regulations/training-information/. We are working to get the previous 3 PCP trainings online ASAP!
DDS, Susan Crow
We will post the training materials as well as the recording to that DDS website. Thank you
lynell messineo
drop down menu?
DDS, Susan Crow
Our trainer Bob was speaking to individualizing the need for supports, determining supports based on needs and lifestyle, rather than from a menu of services available to a person. Hope that clarifies the "drop down menu" reference!
Lourdes Gomez
How is this HCBS Final Rule correlate to the disparity data? Some populations are not receiving services at the rate of other populations.
DDS, Susan Crow
Thank you Lourdes for this important point! Looking at existing service disparities is a key part of individualizing services and aligning our services system with the HCBS Final Rule.
Kathleen Riel
Zoom and social on-line services is not a good fit for some individuals are unable to independently use and communicate on computers.
Lourdes Gomez
Creating a PCP is easy. Getting a budget to be approved with the unmet needs is going to be a HUGE barrier for the communities of color all across California. So, what can it be address systematically? We don't want IFs to be burn out due to stress of advocating without centralized support.
Catherine Lee
A thought about “preferred outcomes” - many of the adults I support want independence and autonomy, which we hash out in measurable and identifiable and specific statements, but the one that’s so essential and amorphous is “confidence.” Confidence to speak up, say what they want, be authentic, speak their truth even if it makes their family uncomfortable…
lynell messineo
lourdes has anyone denied you because of your color? those making decisions in the past based approval on need not color. I am brown my son skin is white but he is mexican/spanish, german, italian, south african, norwegian.
lynell messineo
but to add you have rights if anyone discriminates speakup
Abirami Duraiswamy
I am a parent and I have attended over a dozen person centered planning webinars, training so far. However, I still don’t have an idea of how the theory is applied in real life. There are so many components to PCP and it is not just about identifying what is important to and for the individual. Are there any videos or documentary, more like a journal out there of real people who went through PCP and self determination program.
Lourdes Gomez
https://www.dds.ca.gov/rc/dashboard/purchase-of-service-report/ethnicity-race/ this is DDS data showing how difference in services. As IF, how much hopes and dreams get to a client when they have no budget or extremely low budget.
lynell messineo
reach out to southgate regional center in california Naomi Nagel offers training. and your own regional center may also training. all regional centers have Orientations SD.
Liz Rodgers
Naomi is with SCLARC South Central RC
lynell messineo
for me these zoom sessions have been informative. if you still don't understand personal planning email these speakers and continue zoom, reading and asking questions.
Liz Rodgers
Apologies, perhaps this is a different Naomi. Just in case Naomi Hagel is with SCLARC. perhaps similar names with the South Gate RC
I work at a RC and would love more information about the semantics of how this program will look, budgets, roles, etc.
lynell messineo
lynell messineo
BOB you are so on point! Not to say NO but to say HOW! I said this very thing during this covid period.
Christina Cannarella
Such a PROFOUND STORY Tanya!! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful experience with Bregail. 🙏🏼💜Both you and Bob have such valuable information to share with us! This is the 2nd time I’ve heard you both speak and I am learning more and more each time. I’m so grateful this is being recorded and will be sure to share it with everyone in our community. Thank you!
DDS, Susan Crow
For questions related to the Self-Determination Program, please reach out to DDS through our SDP Inbox at sdp@dds.ca.gov. There is also lots of good information in the FAQs for SDP: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/sdp/frequently-asked-questions/
Alexia Bumgardner
Havde to leave the meeting at 11:45 to pick up a client at program half day programs.
Lisa Szilagyi
I attended the "Person Centered Approach to Risk" webinar, which I thought was absolutely fantastic. I have not been able to find either the power point from that, or the recording, which I thought was going to be made available on the DDS website? Maybe I am looking in the wrong place, but when I click the link that was posted above, the only thing I can see is the flyer for that training, not the slides or the recording. I have been talking to my co-workers about how great that webinar was.
DDS, Susan Crow
Thank you Lisa- we are working to get these recordings and presentation materials up on the website ASAP!
lynell messineo
we have Local Advisory SD committees which you can be involved with and SCLARCS launched a online regional center leadership academy/sclarc and this program already started but maybe you can reach out to MauraG@sclarc.org who is the chief advancement officer for sclarc's program. this program is funded by a grant. this program cover disparity, empowerment,cultural sensitivity,etc. also reach out to DDS and inform yourself with your own regional center website.
lynell messineo
The TAyna story really helped a lot. I have the same experience with my son. Our children know a lot more then we actually know they know. Yes bob being respectful
lynell messineo
Be mindful, observe, planing with those who want to be involved and know your person, what is meaningful to the person in the number one term in person planning.
lynell messineo
All need to remember and you expressed perfectly Tayna, my son is 23, when I speak to his behaviorist about behaviors set backs..I show my son respect by speaking to the behaviorist privately.
lynell messineo
can you post the resources in chat
Alexander Bland
Thank you!
Lisa Szilagyi
Thank you - great recap and info about person centered planning. Your workshops are great.
Lynn Galliano
Thank you so much for this presentation. Very informative.
lynell messineo
excellent information.
lynell messineo
when is the next zoom?
Bob Sattler, SDA
NQF Core Competencies ReportNQF: Person Centered Planning and Practice Final Report (qualityforum.org)Five Competency Domains for Staff Who Facilitate Person-Centered Planning (acl.gov)DDS website information on person-centered planning and the IPPhttps://www.dds.ca.gov/rc/ipp/California State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) Websitehttps://scdd.ca.gov/DDS HCBS Final Rule Website:https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/cms-hcbs-regulations/DDS HCBS Final Rule Training Website:https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/cms-hcbs-regulations/training-information/Get in touch with DDS about HCBS or future trainings:hcbsregs@dds.ca.gov
Bob Sattler, SDA
Bob Sattlerbob@sdaus.comTanya Richmondtanya@sdaus.comwww.sdaus.com
Diana Gonzalez
Thank you. All this information is very helpful.
Michelle Hale
great information
Charlotte Moses
Thank you
lynell messineo
Thank you ALL
lynell messineo
how do we sign up for outcome
lynell messineo
Cynthia Koeppel
Thank you so much
Mario Ibarra
Thank you from IRI OC
lynell messineo
thank you SUSAN
Liz Rodgers
thank you !
Caitlin Langlois
Thank you!!
Brett Papazian
Thank you all.
Bobby Powell
Thanks so much!!
Muthoni Macharia
this very important information. I am wondering why you don't consider the webinar as CUEs hours.
Muthoni Macharia
I really need the hours. Thank you.
DDS, Susan Crow
Trainings will be posted to this website: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/cms-hcbs-regulations/training-information/
Christina Cannarella
Thank you all for having this very beneficial and needed training. Thank you to DDS for hosting this and to Bob and Tanya for sharing your wealth of knowledge.
Muthoni Macharia
So do I need to email you Susan about my hours?
Muthoni Macharia
Thank you.
Muthoni Macharia
Everyone in this field needs this helpful information so thank youall for your time.