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Quality Incentives Workgroup Meeting: Part 2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Teresa Anderson
Hi Leslie, I am a member of the public. Thanks for doing this
Gabriela Uriarte
Hi, I am a member of the public. and was not able to join the morning session. Thanks
Lourdes Gomez
Please allow discussion on Person Centered Planning!!!
Harry Bruell
Person-centered planning
Pamela Scarano
Person Centered Planning and Employment
Sarah Verity, AbilityPath
workforce capacity and service access and equity
Rebecca Lienhard
Person-Centered Planning and Employment
Donna Feingold
Employment and Workforce Capacity
Marty Omoto
Support strongly what Pam said.
Larry DeBoer
Agree with Pam's point about 'failure' from an effort may be just part of the journey and the individual still learned a lot. Need to be careful not to automatically penalize a provider in theses cases or we may drive a reluctance to allow an individual to try something.
Katherine Wallen
I also agree with Pam. We want to make sure we don’t overly incentivize CIE and force placements that will not be person centered and instead find measurements that will track personal growth toward a chosen career path
Marty Omoto
BTW, person centered planning is also about looking at the "whole person" (or "whole child") - a child might be receiving early start services but if the child's family is facing eviction from their home, or has a major health crisis - or they face food insecurity or face mental health crisises that is going to impact the services provided. Any measurement needs to take into account the "whole person".
Donna Feingold
We also need to look at self-employment and microenterprise, gig employment and other creative options for employment.
Marty Omoto
Also meant to say again support strongly Pam's comments
Donna Feingold
I know we probably won't have time to address workforce capacity but I believe this is the most critical piece as we can't have quality services without a skilled workforce.
Marty Omoto
Service access and equity huge - measurements need to somehow measure unmet need. . Agree with Joyce
Amy Wall
3 minutes until the breakout groups re-join us here in the main room
Marty Omoto
Person centered planning and looking at the whole person would naturally look at all the systems and services that a person needs or might need. That means Medi-Cal (we need to look at the major changes happening with CalAIM that can provide more options of help and services to a person); education, mental health, behavioral health, etc
Larry DeBoer
Agree Donna. Without adequate and skilled staff the challenge is overwhelming with failure nipping at our heals. Will lead to unintended poor quality despite our best efforts.
Lourdes Gomez
Agree with Mr Omoto. I just want to add that right now COVID is affecting education very deeply.
Donna Feingold
let's have incentives for staff retention!
Katherine Wallen
I also agree with Donna. While all these topics are so important, our biggest barrier is hiring and retaining staff. We are great at providing training and skill building and identifying best supports for person centered services. But we cannot recruit a workforce to do this when we are competing with folks being able to make more money working in fast food. This is a job that requires skills and we need to be able to pay a salary that reflects that.
Amy Wall
Email thoughts/suggestions to QualityIncentives@dds.ca.gov.
Michael Pereira
I would like to thank the members of group 3 for a robust conversation...
Judy Mark
Is it possible to stop sharing screen so we can see the speaker?
William Leiner
Thank you, Michael -- I really appreciated all of your thoughtful contributions.
Rachel Estuar
Is there a grant to provide funding to agencies or directly to individual direct service staff for scholarships to become a member or to take the certification from Otha like APSE? Can this be used to justify promotions, raises, or more leadership roles within the organization-ultimately a tool for succession planning and improve retention?
Virginia Reynolds
Important discussions. Sorry for joining and dropping video connection. Bandwidth issues. Virginia
Pamela Scarano
What happens when an individual picks a staff they want to work with that might not be able to help them with their specific plans all staff bring different talents. I agree a PCP gets done first as Judy stated, but then a program walks you through what they offer for services to see if there a good match. Choices could very the individuals outcomes of achievement.
Pamela Scarano
Training obviously helps, but certain staff are great in different areas.
Tania Morawiec
Training does help but we need to explore how it leads to behavior/service implementation change. To share something personal, as a DSP, I was not loving my wage but the work place culture is what impacted my job satisfaction because I enjoyed my work. Turn over was so high, coworkers did not bother to interact in a meaningful way until new staff were around for some time-approx. 3 months. In a high stress work environment, many did not last that long.
Tania Morawiec
Strengths based case management is a helpful model.
Tania Morawiec
If disparity rates are largely worsening (despite RC focus groups), what coordination of community partners/orgs who receive grants to address equity in service exist? There does not appear to be regional or statewide coordination. These entities may have significant best/promising practice ideas.
Tania Morawiec
in terms of a measure-tenure is one aspect but do we have a conversion and study of open positions? This may help with training development, career development/laddering, etc.
Lourdes Gomez
thank you for the calendar
viviana izaguirre
how do you become a workgroup member?
Mark Melanson
Agree with you Judy - More Self Advocates. CCLN also has a list of nominations. :-)
Diva Johnson
Wonderful conversations today. I have to jump off for another mtg. See you all next time:)
Gabriela Uriarte
Great discussions and observations. Lots to take away. Thank You