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Quality Incentives Workgroup Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Mike Pereira (Per-er-ah)
Will communication proficiency also include utilization of Alternative Augmentative Communication for those that are non-verbal or have expressive language support needs?
Leslie Morrison
Leslie Morrison
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Sheraden Nicholau, State Council
+1 to Mike's question about AAC
Sascha Bittner
Sheraden Nicholau, State Council
Do we have an updated handout / chart since the April 2022 meeting?
Sheraden Nicholau, State Council
(reflected the recs / shifts from the last meeting)?
Sheraden Nicholau, State Council
Relating to Judy's comment about where the group left off in April per the April chart; one example: Vacancy rate of DSPs and % of a provider’s DSPs that are fluent in non-English languages is important data, but doesn’t capture the intended / linked outcome—tracking individuals’ timely access to services.
Sheraden Nicholau, State Council
The target (for example, bi and multi-lingual DSPs) should be based on the demographic needs of the community, not improvement on a provider's baseline necessarily
Sheraden Nicholau, State Council
Yes, to Sascha's point-- SCDD would be available to help ensure we have the right representation and voices in the room, consistently
Mark Melanson
Ditto Sheraden - CCLN too!
Judy Mark
Well said, Jacquie! We so appreciate you!
Sheri Rosen
Thanks Jacquie for the focus on the incentive being something we all want to meet. I agree that we should all be held accountable to meet quality standards. However, I believe that support, coaching and training should be what is provided to programs that don't meet the incentives. No other part of our system gets a rate decrease. Not the Regional Centers, not DDS if they are not meeting state or federal measures.
Sheraden Nicholau, State Council
The next version of the chart would hopefully include another column -- the vision / values. So it is clear that the outcomes are tied well, and then it is more clear that each phase include the right baselines and data collection methods.
Sheri Rosen
Are their early intervention providers on the workgroup for DSP University and pay differential? We need to be included!
Judy Mark
I agree with what Sheraden stated. I hope that can happen.
Pete Cervinka
@Sheraden--thank you. the original iteration had that, and we will endeavor to make the goals clear in future iterations.