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DS Task Force Monthly Check-In for April - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Wall
Si alguien necesita interpretación en español, haga clic en el globo blanco en la parte inferior de la pantalla con la etiqueta "Interpretation." Luego haga clic en “Spanish” y seleccione "Mute original audio.”
Marty Omoto
Hey Nancy - wanted to ask if you could include in your update about what plans (if any) does DDS have (and the STate) regarding the transition to the eventual re-opening of site based programs, etc - and also dealing with any issues and related problems
Mark Klaus
see your on the call. How you holding up?
Amy Wall
Meeting materials are available online here: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/
Kathy Sanders Platnick
I agree with Marty. Did you mention on a prior call that you are working on a directive related to return to in person sessions?
Yvette Baptiste
I really congratulate DDS on all of the hard work in these work groups and the level of community engagement through this process.
Caroline Castaneda
Los materiales para la reunión de hoy están disponibles aquí en español: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/
Sylvia Yeh
Ditto for the "DDS re-entry" guidelines for clients, families and ADP providers
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
I think she is on the task force
Shella Comin-DuMong
DDS/RC/Services Re-entry Plan would be great priority.
Janelle Lewis
Question about SDP Orientation:
Janelle Lewis
Will outside groups be able to provide the SDP orientation through train-the-trainer model? Thanks.
Marty Omoto
For next DS Task Force meeting in May, lets have updates from state housing agencies on State Rental Assistance Program and also updates on the current eviction moratorium (that expires on June 30th barring legislative action to extend it) - and how the issue of housing, rentals, etc impacts people with developmental disabilities, their families - and also people who make up the workforce.
Shella Comin-DuMong
The COVID graphs are stunning.
Yvette Baptiste
Independent Facilitators should have quality standards. It is hard for participants/family members to determine who might be a good facilitator from just a list. The issue of language and culture is BIG, but most differences are economic. Hope that we can ensure that individuals and families have choices of facilitators who also reflect their life experiences and expectations for their future.
Victor Lira
Well said Yvette.
Marty Omoto
Also: need update in this or next meeting on issue (as I mentioned earlier in this chat) of any plans to transition toward eventual reopening of site based programs - how will that work, how will state address related problems (ie availability of workers), coordinating people who want site-based in-person programs and those who want to continue remote services - and also issue of handling people who are vaccinated and people who are not or choose not to be vaccinated
Victor Lira
I also share Marty's concern about our community and what their situations may be once those moratoriums expire. Housing was already an issue before Covid. Is there a safety net or plan for those folks? Is this a possibility?
Katie Hornberger
Do we have any data about how much money is being paid to IF's?
Shella Comin-DuMong
Love the vaccine dashboard
Debbie Keller
There is some confusion as to if you were Covid positive - that person should not get a vaccine . .
Pablo Velez
Another topic that is a concern is the rate increases across service codes will sunset on 12-31-21. Given the current increase in housing and cost of life, it is getting more difficult to keeping qualified Staff in California.
Yvette Baptiste
This is a good model for public information. Would love an SD dashboard as we start to implement??
Yvette Baptiste
*implement fully*
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
Yvette - What a great idea.
Terry DeBell
from If I have already had COVID-19 and recovered, do I still need to get vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine? Yes, you should be vaccinated regardless of whether you already had COVID-19. That's because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-1
Andy Imparato (DRC) (he/him/his)
Hi this is Andy Imparato from DRC. My email is Andy.Imparato@disabilityrightsca.org
Yvette Baptiste
Can you repeat the dates?
Yvette Baptiste
Yes, transition...thanks Marty
Shella Comin-DuMong
Forwarding a message from the Q&A: Lourdes Gomez 01:17 PMGreetings DS Task Force members,I want to let you know that there are a handful of Spanish speakers who are Independent Facilitators. Now gathering to create a support system for Hispanic facilitators, who are direct family members of regional centers' clients. We will support and share information among us to allow self determination to follow the direct family members providing support. Showing the power of families involved in providing a voice for our kids until they are old enough to voice their needs or allow them to voice their opinions to be expressed by their experts, their families. We feel this would allow us to bring the Hispanic Community out of the disparity.
Shella Comin-DuMong
NANCY: Will the task force circle back again to the issues around affordable and accessible community-based housing - maybe a separate work group?
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
Can anyone help me understand why 21 regional centers have at least 21 interpretations of regulations related to SDP? I thought by now it would be getting better, but it’s diverging more and more over time, in my experience supporting families.
Amy Wall
Department Directives (& plain language summaries of the directives) are on the DDS website here: https://www.dds.ca.gov/corona-virus-information-and-resources/department-directives/
Marty Omoto
What about restarting (safely) transportation services? It does not make sense not to transition asap toward that - given that public transits, and ride share - are available to everyone including people with developmental disabilities, etc.
Kathy Sanders Platnick
I am interested in serving on a task group related to return to in person services.
Marty Omoto
I am interested in serving on a focus group or whatever on transition toward re-opening, etc
Pablo Velez
If would like to participate on the three groups: 1. Re-Entry 2. Tele-Health or Virtual Services 3. Extension of the Rate increase past 12-31-21
Yvette Baptiste
I would also be willing to help with any documentation to support families as they reengage with the services and providers
Pablo Velez
Several families and providers have been asking about the possibility of permanently sunsetting the family cost participation program and family fee programs which have been paused during Covid. They are a barrier for many families in accessing respite and daycare services and do not take into account higher cost of living areas. An idea might be to if the permanently sunset cannot be done, then maybe consider extending the directive to keep the family cost participation program on pause for one more fiscal year while families recover from this last crazy year and get back on their feet.
Yvette Baptiste
We got ya Kelly!
Kathy Sanders Platnick
Hang in there Kelly!
Elizabeth Gomez
I agree with you Kelly. There is a huge concern within the community. I agree with you.
Aaron Carruthers
If anyone needs PPE, please contact your regional SCDD offices, we still have supply!!
Amy Wall
Hi Martha, I'm sorry we didn't get a chance for you to ask your question. Please type it into the Q&A box and if we can't get to it during this meeting, we'll follow up with an email response.
Marty Omoto
Meant to send this to everyone (including attendees): Also: need update in this or next meeting on issue (as I mentioned earlier in this chat) of any plans to transition toward eventual reopening of site based programs for vulnerable individuals (and clarification from the state what means to a program) - how will that work, how will state address related problems (ie availability of workers), coordinating people who want site-based in-person programs and those who want to continue remote services - and also issue of handling people who are vaccinated and people who are not or choose not to be vaccinated - AND related issues involved safely resuming transportation services (given that such services are operating - under safety guidelines (including masks) for the general public (ie Amtrak, transit, ride share) ; and issues related to problems in getting people to return to work (or recruit people to work). Thanks....Marty Omoto
Amy Wall
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Katie Hornberger
I have to leave to go give a webinar on accessing insurance - thanks all.
Yvette Baptiste
Not sure the link is working for the webinar
Kathy Sanders Platnick
Thanks for the great information about Disability Thrive!
Marty Omoto
I wanted to say I support the points raised (in the Q and A) by Carole Watilo and Pam Scarano - in terms of re-opening site based programs. I should have emphasized that any effort always needs to be done in a person centered way - in my comments I was thinking of those people and families I have talked with that want to come back - and also, it is important we all continue to remember that this is a pandemic that has hurt and impacted everyone - the people who work in those programs too. A lot of the federal and state help recognized that .
Lauren Dow
If you had trouble with the last webinar link, try this one instead: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/3316197310832/WN_XVzpHYePTOuk7cjVEPzr9Q
Yvette Baptiste
Thank you! It works!
Marty Omoto
I saw and agree also with point raised by Jacquie Dillard Foss. In many ways the same problems and challenges exist for children and families (and school staff and teachers) in public education. It is possible to approach re-opening (whatever that means - but it IS the term the Governor is using for the overall economy) that is done in a person centered way - that also recognizes the needs of both the person and families needing services and those people who are providing it (given the pandemic it is important to remember everyone). ALSO: this also raises issues connected to unmet needs that Beth Burt and others (including me) have raised - that should emerge if next steps to re-engage and re-open are done in a person centered way.
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
I like vaccine readiness :) Nice marketing
Marty Omoto
BTGW, we also need to consider what one-time resources and help are needed for those people who provide services (and also the people who receive them) - who never closed during the pandemic (ie SLS, ILS, etc) - to get through the coming months as the economy re-opens.
Yvette Baptiste
I have a question about Multi-system inflammatory syndrome which is a lifelong affect of COVID infection in children. Is this something DDS and DHCS is tracking as a population that might need lifelong support?
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
The mandate at the CSUs are only with approved vaccines— emergency vaccine approval doesn’t cover that
Debbie Keller
re: direct care staff getting the vaccine . .because you can't ask . .hard to know who has gotten vaccine . . and when folks will be comfortable for visiting . .
Amy Wall
Email: DSTaskForce@dds.ca.gov
Victor Lira
Consistency, including standards for the different stakeholders in SDP would help move people efficiently into the program.
Debbie Keller
Thank you so much to Nancy . .and DDS staff for all of your efforts . . and continued conversations!!!
Kathy Sanders Platnick
Ditto what Debbie said!!
Victor Lira
Yes Kelly! I second fixing the back end billing thingy.... :)
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
Billing thingies are the worst
Yvette Baptiste
Are there any MHSA grants that focus on training for First Responders or that focuses on MH and crisis support for families? Perhaps we can get a presentation?
Gabriella Ohmstede
Agree thank you Carlos