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Oversight, Accountability and Transparency Workgroup Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Charlotte Kelly
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Charlotte Kelly
Materials from today's meeting are available at: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/ 
Caroline Castaneda
Materiales para la reunion de hoy disponibles aqui: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/ 
Amy Westling
No. My phone crashed so signed in with my iPad.
Tim Jin
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Katie Hornberger
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Doug Pascover
Hi, Anh!
Jacquie Dillard-Foss
I was going to say the level of PTSD and the isolation. Do they want to return to the same services they had pre-COVID ?
Doug Pascover
Hey, Roxy!
Charlotte Kelly
The agenda with the links and the presentation is available on the DDS website here: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/ 
Caroline Castaneda
la agenda con los enlaces y la presentacion esta disponible aqui: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/ 
Eric Zigman
I think one of the lessons learned from the 14 months of the pandemic, from my perspective, is that the necessity of health and wellness for those we serve drove stronger partnerships throughout the system in general. So, DDS and RCs worked on outbreak response, PPEs, emergency housing and staffing, Testing and now vaccines. RCs worked with service providers on many of the same issues, and communicaton efforts to indivdiduals and families were intensified (through phone, email, text, everbridge auto messaging, websites, etc). How do we keep positive structures of collaboration post pandemic? As all three of our workgroup areas (Accountability, Tranparency and Oversight) are improved when each part of the support system has stronger communication, and the listening/responding to individuals and families is stronger.
Tim Jin
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Karin Bloomer
Tim, thank you for your raised hand! I will call on you as soon as Pete has finished presenting.
Tim Jin
Doug Pascover
I agree with Tim Jin. The presentation of charts have taken half of the last two workgroup meetings. If you want feedback, a link is good.
Scott Shepard
Doug Pascover
Judy Mark
Judy would like to speak
Judy Mark
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carolyn tellalian
My hope would be that DDS direct the regional centers to have the service providers call each client/family and ask them how they are coping with being in lock-down during COVID. AND offer them their local community resources. Today I spoke to 3 patients and all 3 were about mental health issues, anxiety and depression that has been exasperated by this COVID time.
Doug Pascover
Important to asl the individuals what measures are most important to them. That’s how you can have standard measures and person-centered evaluation.
Charlotte Kelly
Question 1: What outcomes should we measure that are meaningful to individuals?
Jacquie Dillard-Foss
Raising my hand
Judy Mark
Agree with everything Scott is saying.
Scott Shepard
We (RC, Service Providers, DDS, etc.) need to ask everyone WHAT ARE YOU MISSING? Then, in a person centered way, problem solve on how people can get back to their essential routines SAFELY and RESPONSIBLY
carolyn tellalian
I think a list is a start to the discussion and not the end of the discussion.
Jay Keller
I agree with Jacquie...focus on the individual...
Judy Mark
I’d like to speak as well please.
Scott Shepard
Outcomes that we track should be connected with the HCBS Rule. Ex: Where are people spending their time? (CIE, integrated volunteerism, in transport bus/car/etc., integrated class/college/university, integrated or primarily with paid staff or segregated settings.
Scott Shepard
As Larry and others are saying, really engaging in person-centered practices is the only way to assist people to do these things ONE PERSON AT A TIME and figure out how to do it safely & responsibly
Jacquie Dillard-Foss
Your chosen way of life
Doug Pascover
There’s more than that, too, though.
Doug Pascover
I think the opposite is true. It’s easier to do what the Core Indicators Project does and harder to ask and record what people need and want.
Jacquie Dillard-Foss
are these service deliverables received the ones that achieve and maintain their chosen lifestyle practices?
Janelle Lewis
Meaningful outcomes for children are often dependent on quality evaluations. In education, independent evaluations by qualified professionals (not employed by the school district) at public expense are allowed when parents disagree with assessments. Funding of independent evaluations (outside of vendors) in similar circumstances of disagreement would improve meaningful measurable outcomes for children in their regionals center programming.
Jacquie Dillard-Foss
The challenge will be does the individual have a person centered plan that focuses on them achieving their chosen way of life? and how do we do that a Person Centered Plan occurred .. ?
Jacquie Dillard-Foss
I have a comment
Judy Mark
Would like to speak please when appropriate
Scott Shepard
As Elizabeth shares, basic needs must be addressed first before thinking about other issues
Eric Zigman
I'm raising my hand too, but happy to hear from others who haven't spoken yet
Doug Pascover
Not humble
Jacquie Dillard-Foss
Getting the system to revolve around the person is the shift that needs to occur. We as a system are here so a person determines there outcomes and the system does not dictate their outcomes. If the priority is not on the person determining their outcomes then we miss the point all together..
Tiffany Whiten
Completely agree with Eric and Sheri regarding caseloads of service coordinators - this problem has consisted for years and it’s important for the needs to be met especially during a pandemic
Charlotte Kelly
Send recommendations to: DSTaskForce@dds.ca.gov
carolyn tellalian
Would like to see service providers trained on motivational interviewing and I think it would really help the IPP and other interactions.
Caroline Castaneda
mande sus recomendaciones a: DSTaskForce@dds.ca.gov
Doug Pascover
Thanks all