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Safety Net Workgroup Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Wall
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Amy Wall
La presentación de hoy se publicará en el sitio web del DDS en: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/
Amy Wall
Today’s materials are posted on the DDS website at: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/
John Decker
Sheraden Nicholau, State Council
Related to Connie's comment: Would be helpful to measure # and % of those able to return to least restrictive environment at baseline or less restrictive. & staying in or returning to home community.
Christine Bagley, DDS
Thanks, Sheraden. We have noted that reflection/ask.
Michelle Heid
I also have a concern about the lack of homes/support in the NLACRC area. This is the 3rd largest RC and serves 29,000 people. Is there support there that is not shown on this map?
Sheraden Nicholau, State Council
Related to Nina's comment re preventative services: Measures that would help include statewide and by RC: levels of law enforcement / first responder involvement. Levels of 5150s.
Jay Keller
I echo Michelle's comments, we may want to work towards a balance in services based on population densities within the RC's
Christine Bagley, DDS
Thanks Michelle and Jay, thanks for sharing the reflection on balanced Safety Net services across the state.
Sheraden Nicholau, State Council
Multi-system Involvement work includes: Updated / active MOUs between RCs and their counties’ MH/BH/RS systems. Is that correct?
Michele Stone
could you please clarify the difference between a CCHs and a CCH?
Sheraden Nicholau, State Council
It will be important for us to review safety net progress / data in alignment with and leveraging the DS quality incentives work and service access and equity work
David Bernstein
Is there a chart showing which of the saving net homes are temporary residences vs long term?
Jay Keller
I would like to see continued work with improving community relationships with neighbors, first responders, regional centers, vendors. etc., prior to a community crisis situation.
Michelle Heid
It would be important as well to ensure that our community knows about 988 and that those supporting the 988 system have information about our community and the ability to respond effectively.
Michelle Heid
I also echo the comment in the Q&A about ensuring RCs are providing preventative services including ABA which can be helpful for reducing challenging behaviors and caregiver education prior to a crisis.
Mario Alvarez
Mario Alvarez, Director with MARS Group. Is there data that show individuals with ID that are homeless
Dorothy Diamond
How are we lookin into safety issues that the medically fragile have with abuse, over medicated, seeing professional Dr's in a timely manner. I feel these are just some of the issues for the the medical fragile. They are the forgotten
Sheraden Nicholau, State Council
Something to consider for our next meeting re EBSHs, homes for adults and homes for children w special health care needs, and smaller number of CCHs: Notice a number of homes in the ‘property search phase’. For those that are in that phase longer than expected: Is funding a primary issue? What can be done to ensure timely success on securing the right properties?
Christine Bagley, DDS
Email: SafetyNet@dds.ca.gov