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DS Task Force Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Wall
Si alguien necesita interpretación en español, haga clic en el globo blanco en la parte inferior de la pantalla con la etiqueta "Interpretation." Luego haga clic en “Spanish” y seleccione "Mute original audio.”
Amy Wall
La presentación de hoy se publicará en el sitio web del DDS en: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/
Amy Wall
Today’s materials are posted on the DDS website at: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/
Amy Wall
Comments? Questions? Use the Q&A option in Zoom, or email DSTaskForce@dds.ca.gov.
Shannon Cogan
Since USPS is processing the shipping, I'm assuming a household is defined by a postal address. So very limited federal government test provision for people in congregate settings. Does anyone have different information?
Marty Omoto
Regarding COVID-19 and recent State Public Health Officer Order regarding vaccination requirements for all regional center and all regional center funded provider employees - can DDS can you please clarify the exemptions allowed? That the word "any" COVID vaccination means "any brand" and not that if someone previously had a COVID vaccine shot, but subsequently (for medical reasons) was not able to get the second or a booster - that those workers could be eligible for exemptions allowed under the order.
Shella Comin-DuMong
Nancy or Pete, RE: covid - Any plans to help coordinate on availability of 4th shot? Our folks followed an early start on access to the vaxes - so also leading on waning antibodies.
Yvette Baptiste
Is it OK to share Tamera's email with FRCs that are looking for PPE? Also can we drop her email in the chat?
Yvette Baptiste
Amy Wall
PPE Questions? Email DDSC19@dds.ca.gov
Shella Comin-DuMong
Amazing leadership on reducing costs for insulin in CA. Bravo.
Yvette Baptiste
Yes Shella, I love this!
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
Are there any programs focused on people with co-morbidities of Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease ?
Amy Wall
Rene sends his regrets to everyone, he was going to be on today, but has a medical issue he needs to address.
Jasmeet Bains
Anything to address workforce shortage?
Amy Wall
CalHHS Budget highlights are here: https://www.chhs.ca.gov/calhhs-2022-23-budget-highlights/
Yvette Baptiste
Vishaal this is wonderful policy changes...really good investments! Please be sure during implementation to ensure collaboration with existing system structures. CalAIM has the potential to expand access for community level supports to be available for families if structured correctly.
Amy Wall
​Acronym definition: California Advancing and​ Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM). Learn more here: https://www.dhcs.ca.gov/CalAIM/Pages/calaim.aspx
Amy Wall
@Marty - Some people who received original vaccination learned about medical complications through that experience, and may now have a medical exemption to boosters. (This should be a very small # of people.) “any” in that sentence refers to branding, not to whether or not someone ever had a vaccine dose. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify this. -Pete
Yvette Baptiste
Amy Wall
Translation from the Q & A: Lulú Aguilar 01:14 PMComo se han asegurado que las familias que hemos sido discriminadas por años, recibamos estos servicios? Estamos luchando por apenas unas cuantas horas de relevo y los centros regionales están negando cualquier servicio que solicitamos.Tenemos que ir a audiencias por unas cuantas horas de respiro. No quiero imaginar si se solicitan los servicios en que ustedes están designando fondos."How have you ensured that families who have been discriminated against for years receive these services? We are fighting for just a few hours of respite and the regional centers are denying any services we request. We have to go to hearings for a few hours of respite. I shudder to think about what happens when we request the services you are designating funding for."
Yvette Baptiste
I have to jump off the call right now, but I am in full support of the Baby ARPA initiatives. I also support the current attempts to lower the caseload ratios. This will improve quality. I have confidence that the additional technical assistance and monitoring in Early Start and the ability of the RCs to do more quality work with lower caseloads the children under 8 and their families will have an opportunity to get that good start! Till next time. Be well everyone!
Kecia Weller
Do all rc have aging support specialist employed? I most certainly hope so because the baby boomer generation is quickly aging out
Pablo Velez
Remote services are being authorized temporarily by Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). The authorization needs to be permanent to allow access to remote and low income families that can not get in person services. Is DDS discussing with DCA already?
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
I have social rec questions, but I have to log off. Could someone address Judy Mark’s question in the QA?
Kathryn Sanders Platnick
Brian—Do these increases reflect actual POS for self determination services or just the number of people who have opted in?
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
I have to teach now.
Kecia Weller
I think that all people employed inside the DDS system needs to have their federal background check that’s attached to their fingerprints and Social Security numbers. Safety first!
Brian Winfield, DDS
Hi Kathryn, the enrollment numbers are individuals who have begun to receive services through SDP.
Marty Omoto
I do - part of the small workgroup on guiding principles. Thks.
Kathryn Sanders Platnick
I am happy to participate in a group regarding the guiding principals.
Amy Wall
Workgroup members: please make a comment in the chat if you'd like to volunteer for the smaller workgroup on the Guiding Principles.
Marty Omoto
BTW - Maureen Fitzgerald had a good question and comment in the QandA regarding internet access - which is a critical - for people with developmental disabilities and families - but also for individual workers too. This is so important given how remote meetings, services and other needs are driven by access to the internet.
Marty Omoto
Also would like that clarification on the State Public Health Order on vaccinations requirements - thanks!!! Appreciate all the work everyone is doing
Pablo Velez
Amy, I do. I have been part of the prior meetings.
Marty Omoto
Also - the issues related to the restoration of social recreation/camping and other services - need a more detailed update; next steps - and look at how all those services are really about wellness.
Pablo Velez
I think we are talking about services, but not about the providers. The community network is not clear
Kathryn Sanders Platnick
Thank you to the DDS team for your hard work. So much going on. You are doing a great job.
Lisa Gonzales
Thank you to the whole DDS team, the presentation reflects some new exciting changes and expansion of services! Thanks
Lisa Gonzales
High five Marty
Shella Comin-DuMong
Thanks DDS team!
Yaritza Sanchez on behalf of Aaron Carruthers
Thank you all for such an informative presentation. Executive Director Aaron Carruthers sends his regards as he is out on medical leave. Will certainly be relaying all of the information that was shared today. Wonderful job DDS team!
Pablo Velez
Thanks for all the leadership leading during the pandemic