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Quality Incentives Workgroup - Shared screen with speaker view
Mike Pereira
Happy New Year, everyone!
Rita Redondo
Happy New Year! Hope its a good one.
Amy Wall
Si alguien necesita interpretación en español, haga clic en el globo blanco en la parte inferior de la pantalla con la etiqueta "Interpretation." Luego haga clic en “Spanish” y seleccione "Mute original audio.”
Amy Wall
La presentación de hoy se publicará en el sitio web del DDS en: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiative/stakeholder-events/
Amy Wall
Today’s materials are posted on the DDS website at: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiative/stakeholder-events/
Eric Zigman
I have to step off for about 15 minutes. Great ,great info from Mary Lou as always! My two sense on perception is that it's primarily dependent on a person's EXPECTATION.. part of our charge as a system should be supporting individuals in a wide range of exploration of the world and settings, so their "perception" is based on a lot of experience of what they might (or deserve to) expect from us (providers and RCs).
Mike Pereira
This is an excellent slide- this juxtaposes the notion that outcome measures that are concentrated in person-centeredness will HAVE to incorporate quality measurements by fact (more quantitative) and those by perception (qualitative)… our task is to examine these and their compatibility with the performance measures being developed in the other workgroup with regional centers... and Eric's point regarding "expectations" is well taken when looking at the development of these measures in adherence to the guiding principles we all value so highly
Mike Pereira
Eric, yet another excellent point- data collection systems and tracking will have to be EASY and feasible for the reliability and validity to be high. Participants need to be able to provide their feedback and Service Providers need to not be encumbered heavily with documentation. If this is not addressed thoughtfully, the end result will be nonsensical data or worse, useless information...
Judy Mark
I fundamentally disagree with Jordan’s statement. We cannot add billions of dollars of new money to the system without clear expectations of outcomes. There must be a connection.
Judy Mark
I’m trying to be respectful here but this chat and meeting are very provider focused and not person focused. I’m hoping that self-advocates and family-advocates will be more engaged in the breakouts.
Eric Ciampa
How about a renewed focus on training at an individual level vs big training goals for all/most staff. individual on-going training plans for staff based on the individual people they support. Allow participants to recommend/require additional training areas for the staff that support them. Allow for e-learning and micro trainings to be part of a staff training plan. And of course value and elevate these wonderful staff as the professionals they are.
Taylor Collison
Please use this link for the afternoon session: https://cal-dds.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJArf-mgrzgtGd0lRxBJXaStPVKnS8VNSdd0
Taylor Collison
Please note, we will email the link to everyone as well.