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Safety Net Workgroup Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Wall
Materials are on the DDS website at: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/
Caroline Castaneda
Materiales disponibles en el sitio web de DDS aqui: https://www.dds.ca.gov/initiatives/ds-task-force/
Amy Wall
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Caroline Castaneda
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Amy Wall
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Charlotte Kelly
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Caroline Castaneda
Rubi Saldana 02:07 PMThank you all for being here, the IDD community is at a point where we realize the crisis team needs an immediate change, since failure to do so will have serious consequences.
Caroline Castaneda
Rubi Saldana 02:10 PMAt this point we are forced to be proactive, what is the Department's plan to protect the IDD community from the court system?
Amy Wall
Family of autistic man says deputies were warned of his disabilities before shootingApril 7, 2021By: Alene Tchekmedyianhttps://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-04-07/l-a-sheriff-deputy-shooting-mental-disability
Caroline Castaneda
Rubi Saldana 02:13 PMThank you for mentioning that. The IDD community, we are ready to do anything at this point to protect the rights of the IDD community, there have been several incidents and it is time to stand up and create a justice system that is involved to defend the IDD community, if these incidents keep happening.
Charlotte Kelly
Discussion Question 1: What strategies do you recommend to support first responders, regional centers, families and others in response to crisis events?
Caroline Castaneda, DDS
Pregunta 1: ¿Qué estrategias recomienda para apoyar a los equipos de primera respuesta, los centros regionales, las familias y otros que responden a eventos de crisis?
Jennifer Alfaro, DRC OCRA
I can't find the raised hand
Sheraden Nicholau
To Dr. Beasley's point, many families and individuals in crisis are unaware of crisis services available through the regional center
Fanny Cano
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Jay Keller
we need to be proactive, not reactive in all of our approaches...
Alona Yorkshire
Exactly Teresa!
Dr. Joan Beasley
Behavior plans are not enough, people have medical and mental health needs that need to be addressed.
Alona Yorkshire
I also want to mention that not all crisis management systems are created equal - there HAS to be data about what works and doesn’t. I have been a trainer for Pro-Act, CPI and PCMA and 2 of 3 don’t work in the most challenging situations.
Sheraden Nicholau
Agreed, Fran
Dr. Joan Beasley
People with lived experience should also help to provide training to police
Sheraden Nicholau
Many counties only have IDD related content in 1-2 hours of their 40 hour Crisis Intervention Trainings. More is needed, clearly.
Teresa Anderson
I appreciate what Kenneth is saying and that is a discussion that is going on at the national level
Nina Spiegelman
Agreed- a non law enforcement approach must be considered
Sheraden Nicholau
One example of a county program that partners behavioral health teams with law enforcement:https://www.smchealth.org/sites/main/files/file-attachments/pertbrochure.pdf?1556207937
Sheraden Nicholau
Another county's program: https://www.unconditionaleducation.org/uploads/5/5/5/8/55581961/catt_brochure-v6-update_6-1-2020__002_.pdf
Alona Yorkshire
Seems like every RC (or area) should have a 24/7 crisis team available (whatever model is working already locally) in lieu of 911 being the only 24/7 option
Sheraden Nicholau
Recent article from Disability Visibility Project on the new National Mental Health Crisis Line:https://disabilityvisibilityproject.com/2021/04/19/the-new-national-mental-health-crisis-line-wants-to-track-your-location/
Jay Keller
I agree, Alona...
Dr. Joan Beasley
That has not been our experience in 34 years of START we have not had to do holds.
Alona Yorkshire
Dr. Joan Beasley
Our experience is that only those families that need START come to START I think its a risk worth the trouble to see if opening up access can work.
Amy Wall
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Charlotte Kelly
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Caroline Castaneda, DDS
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Caroline Castaneda, DDS
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Dr. Joan Beasley
Training on the promotion of emotional well being.
Alona Yorkshire
My focus is somewhat narrow but I have the kids and adults that no-one has been able to successfully support because all models have failed and the police are being regularly called. the 24-hour therapist crisis team call the police because nothing is working - they are the ones that have fallen through he safety net and are getting hurt or going to jail.
Sheraden Nicholau
Some of these recs are worded in ways that are quite similar-- like the first and third bullet
Alona Yorkshire
Its hard they are all so good
Garrett Broadbent
“Training on the promotion of emotional well being.” Well said. If we move toward wellness skills acquisitions outcomes, we could see gains in areas in addition to negative outcome reductions (e.g, reduced hospitalizations).
John Decker
Two of my top three are up there - Thanks John
Alona Yorkshire
PCT to make meaningful lives - expand and make this more accessible for families and CSCs
Nina Spiegelman
Such a great point Dr Beasley. That is why Self- Determination is so important
Dr. Joan Beasley
Thank you
Dr. Joan Beasley
Thank you for including me I look forward to our continued collaboration.