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Regional Center (RC) Measures Workgroup - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Wall
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Amy Wall
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Amy Wall
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Marty Omoto
Amy Wall
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Amy Wall
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Mark Melanson
A critical piece of the success of these measures is ensuring that people receiving services know what a good person centered plan is and what their rights are in the planning process. What to expect. Example: at a place and time of their choice & people surrounded by their own supporters.
ASL - Barry
I have to switch to my ipad, my computer is not running good. I will be only a minute.
Ernie Cruz
Response to Ken: Range is 75 to 468; average is 258.
Eva Casas Sarmiento
Because of limited resources and time, my experience with IPP meetings is they are rushed, time-limited and SCs are focused on gathering facts and data needed to fill in the various sections of template IPPs; that's why attaching to the IPP a separate truly, person-centered plan developed by the person served and their circle of support is critical.
Mark Melanson
Agreed Eva!
Diana Pastora Carson
1. The person is supported to meaningfully direct their planning process. 2. The person has been authorized to receive and uses services that reflect their plan, including entering the self determination program. 3. The person has service providers across systems and generic resources that are coordinated and integrated. 4. The person receives responses from their service coordinator and providers in a timely manner. 5. Goals and services are adjusted in a timely manner when the person’s needs change. 6. The person with complex needs or communication differences receives appropriate support to direct their planning.
Amy Wall
Email address: RCMeasures@dds.ca.gov
Marty Omoto
Its like that in Self Determination - but in the conventional system, we need to really work on making it possible to allow a person to access services that can be done remotely - and not just in the regional catchment area, and how can revising vendor policies to allow that flexibility
NickoleRenee Mensch
on what area that the vendor are willing to work in.
Marty Omoto
Like finding a product on Amazon
Marty Omoto
The idea of getting more specific information (data) on a specific need or service located in a specific geographic area has been the focus by different groups over the years , even before there were apps, to come up with a list of services, or a list of specific type of workers, etc. Apps are out there now that do a similar function for other things.
Eva Casas Sarmiento
Agree that more than just list of vendors or number of vendors is needed; Info needed about providers: not just a report with list of vendors and number of vendors; its more like a directory of providers with descriptions of capacity (wait lists?), criteria for accepting, staffing qualifications, reviews/star ratings from persons served and family members. Billing practices.
Kavita, PRAGNYA.org
One thing that needs to be addressed is the "Quality of Service" being provided by Vendors, and to simplify the vendorization process for new, culturally diverse vendors. Is there any focus on how the Self Determination program is introduced to families and individuals by the Service Coordinators ? This ought to be shared as a route for families/ self advocates to pursue right at the very beginning.
Diana Pastora Carson
Yes, Kathy!!
Mark Melanson
Language access for each vendor/service is also critical information to people seeking a provider/service.
Mark Melanson
Yes, thank you Mary Lou.
Harry Bruell
A comment on this page: to me, the most important parts are the family satisfaction (with choice of vendors and length of time to receive an authorization). I would think that, on the top row, the satisfaction measure should also go into the "2026 and beyond" box.
NickoleRenee Mensch
yes I have heard that to become vendors that it is a long and henderence process
NickoleRenee Mensch
and sometimes the vendor gives up
Kavita, PRAGNYA.org
exactly Diana. Even if services are authorized, Vendors are unable to provide services due to inadequate or poor staffing or lack of service delivery standards being monitored. How can we tie in Service Coordination with SErvice Delivery of Vendors or reporting on SErvice delivery of vendors?
Harry Bruell
I really like how the Service Coordinator Competency measures are structured: three years of working towards adopting the measures (outputs) and then a final on-going measure based on family and individual satisfaction (outcome).
Amy Wall
Translation from the Q&A - Lulu A 2:34 PM:What is the job that the coordinators do? Why do they all say, “we don't do that”. If they go to an IEP, they say we can't advocate, we can't talk, what is the reason I invited my coordinator to a meeting?They don't have access if we ask for a list of service providers, they don't have access to write a letter to send to the department of social services, to find a vendor from another regional center, if there isn't one in ours. They can’t make notes that we ask them to note.
Diana Pastora Carson
Again, the concern is: training is not an outcome. Standardizing processes are not outcomes.
Roy Schutzengel
Agree with Harry - but would like to see a higher target than 70 satisfaction in the final year. Why not shoot for 90%?
Diana Pastora Carson
Marty Omoto
Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) and Paid Internship Program (PIP)
Diana Pastora Carson
Thx, Marty!
Mary Lou Bourne
Apologies for the acronyms Diana!
Eva Casas Sarmiento
On service coordinator competency: I agree with Diana that training is not an outcome. I'd like to see a measure of service coordinator competency be linked to the amount of generic resources SCs secured for RC clients - too many persons served and family members report their SCs "attend" IEPs and court hearings and IHSS assessments but do not meaningfully participate or advocate in those settings. SCs getting training on generic resources is only helpful if they actually turn around and use that training to secure services for clients and families.
Beth Burt
We also need to look at those in college and I agree the comment in the Q&A - self-employed, and agree with Harry hours, $, satisfaction
Nancy Bargmann
need to step away for a few min... So appreciate this discussion and all the input.
Mark Melanson
Agree Eva, add housing to that list.
Diana Pastora Carson
Not sure I’m understanding this one. Not a fan of the color coded scorecard within the regional center system. It’s not like families can leave to go to a different regional center in order to find employment. I don’t understand why we are incentivizing public reporting as opposed to the actual number of people employed?
Mark Melanson
Agree Marty. We need to start somewhere and course correct along they way to ensure outcomes directly impact people receiving services in achieving their chosen ways of life.
Kavita, PRAGNYA.org
I am just going to suggest something to measure. While it is important to prepare and support our individuals for employment, it is crucial for employers to be trained or incentivized to hire our neurodiverse individuals. How many employers are hiring and retaining our employees ?
Kavita, PRAGNYA.org
is there employer support provided to support our individuals ?
Diana Pastora Carson
Agree with Kavita. Great points!
Eva Casas Sarmiento
For SDP measures: Important to get input from participants in SDP as well as those who are not.
Kavita, PRAGNYA.org
Would it be possible for some of this workgroup to be part of the SDP MEasures workgroup ? I would particularly be interested since my child is in her secondyear of SDP and I am a PCP / IF myself